vol2. ROOTS

If you trace the memory of your childhood that inspired you to start jewelry,

I remember the existence of her grandmother who liked her fashion.

Born in Harbin in the Taisho era and raised in Manchuria,

Her grandmother, who was leisurely educated at a women's college in Tokyo,

She always dresses nicely in laces, hats, brooches and jewelry,

She was a woman with a beautiful and unique atmosphere that would make her childhood feel at ease.

She had six children, poured all of her love into parenting, experienced war abroad, and lived a turbulent life like many who lived in that era. It was, but


she actually likes to make things, and after she passed away she learned that she had left a number of design sketches.

It seems that there was a time when she was asked by friends and acquaintances around her to make her clothes.

When I think about jewelry design,

Along with the antique decorations of museums and memories of travel that I touched overseas,

I often remember her feeling of air that her grandmother wore.