Among the many stones, , When you are attracted to one .

There must be a reason .

Natural stones that have grown naturally over time are ,

It has the same energy as living things, , because it has a story and power, .

As people attract people , We unknowingly ,

Feel the stone you need now .

With the power of colorful stones ,

The color that sleeps in you awakens , Joy .

ColouR to .

precious pieces

A colored stone that blends well with the skin and gives it a radiant glow,

A pearl that takes advantage of the unique shape that was created accidentally,

Environmentally friendly ethical lab-grown diamond

Rough stones such as

are made into unique jewelry.

artisan made

The delicate brilliance of ColouR jewelry is

Traditional jewelery technique "hand-polished".

Craftsmen rely on the feeling of their fingertips,

Polishing while drawing out the expression of each stone.

cleanedsed by nature

Smoke burning sage leaves called sacred herbs

We will deliver the jewelry after purifying it.

If you bathe the jewelry in the moonlight on a full moon night,

It is said that you can get rid of the evil spirits on the stones and recharge your energy.

Made to order

ColouR Bespoke jewelry created with designers from rough stone selection, Customization to select stones based on ready-made designs, etc. ..

Designer profile
Yoko: NY While living in SOHO Indian Jewel , I am attracted to the meaning and charm of natural stones. After returning to Japan, Jewelery She worked for a company and later 2008 years Natural stone accessories Brand PUPUTIER (Puptier) is launched. 2019 Year Demi Fine Jewel ColouR (Color) started.