vol1. ColouR NOTE

Hello. I'm yoko, the designer.

Nowadays, the chances of talking face-to-face have decreased dramatically,

I would like to communicate more with everyone who always visits SNS and websites and customers who place orders,

I made a NOTE page.

From now on, my thoughts and stories about the work,

I would like to send you stories about stones and jewelry here.

First of all, I got interested in stones and jewelry.

It goes back to NY where I studied abroad after graduating from university.

An Indian jewelry shop in SOHO at that time that I often stopped by on my way home from school.

A Jewish couple like a model is run,

I was invited to a part-time job while talking while studying a language.

Rather than

, the air that I want to work here may have come to the fore.

When you enter, start by learning the meaning of each stone.

Indian jewelry has different characteristics and carvings depending on the ethnic group,

Each design, motif, and stone used has meaning.

The more I knew it, the deeper and more interesting it was, and I remembered it crazy, and remembered it in the actual battle while serving customers.

I was completely fascinated by the world of stone and jewelry.

This experience is the root of my encounter with stones.

Another original experience will be next time.