vol3. handmade Jewelry

I think that some people have changed their lifestyles and lifestyles in the last few years.

It's a difficult world, but

If you look back on yourself in the spiritual part, you will be able to clarify what you need and what you need

Release the stress you didn't notice

I feel like I've come to focus on the true richness of my heart.

It may be the age of the wind.

This time, I would like to talk about how I started making jewelry myself.

Go back 15 years.

I will quit my jewelry company and move to Taiwan privately

Because I had a slow time for the first time,

I started to handcraft what I wanted little by little.

Get a qualification for aromatherapy and try making soap and lotion by hand,

Try customizing your clothes,

As an extension of that, I started to make earrings that I would like to wear with natural stone and wirework.

For the first time, I made a number of hoop earrings with colorful and colorful natural stones wrapped around them with the motif of plant fruits and fruits.

I still remember taking pictures by myself many times when I finished them side by side and got excited when they were cute.

Curiously, I made it for myself at first, but

Gradually, my friends around me asked me to make it, and

From there, orders come from friends of friends and strangers,

One day, I received an order from an editor, writer, and stylist of a women's fashion magazine that I also loved to read.

It is a project that is popular in the editorial department as it is

will be posted,

I was in a hurry to create a contact and website.

It's an embarrassing story without any planning, but my start of jewelry making was a coincidence.

Various edges overlap from there,

I heard about selling jewelry in a magazine mail order project that was rare at that time,

There are people who need the jewelry they make

I feel very happy,

The days of making jewelry for Japan while living in Taiwan have begun.

If you think about it,

based on your experience at an Indian jewelry store in NY from that time.

I was sincerely telling each person the meaning of the stone.

At that time, I often heard stories about romance,

Rose Quartz and pink coral stone earrings, which are said to be effective for romance, are often selected,

Inquiries from people who have achieved it by word of mouth,

It was also featured in women's magazines as jewelry that makes love come true.

I remember feeling very strange about the development in the meantime.